A Fireplace

Coat of Paint you can count on a fireplace (even a nonfunctioning one!) to anchor any room. And whether you want to disguise it and make it less visually obvious or enhance its architectural allure, paint is the best way to do so. Coat of Paint we found 17 stylish painted fireplaces to help you decide how you want to decorate yours, from pops of color to subtle trimmings, and more. Keep reading to choose which interior designer look you want to recreate in your own home.

White Painted Mantel

A super-white paint contemporizes the elaborate, antique fireplace mantel, helping it blend more seamlessly with the modern stone material surrounding the firebox. The designer behind this living room, Augusta Hoffman, wanted to maintain architectural intrigue while also incorporating notably modern furnishings and artwork.

White Painted Stone

Here’s another example of a white-painted fireplace, but given the material (a rough exposed stone), designer Lauren White opted for a lower sheen and extended it across all the walls.

Blended In Blue

Designer Lydia Pursell covered every single surface save for the floors in blue paint. It’s a bold and unexpectedly mod approach in a classic dining room that exudes confidence.

Tiles and Painted White Wood

In this eclectic living room, a tile fireplace surround really pops against the crisp white painted mantel and walls. Then, touches of blue are sprinkled throughout to play it up even further.

Black Painted Mantel

White is clearly a popular paint color for walls and mantels, but this living room designed by Nanette Brown makes a strong case for the polar opposite: black. A dark wall makes a fireplace feel even cozier.

All-Over Lacquer

In this Connecticut farmhouse designed by Elizabeth Bauer Watt, custom-colored lacquer was applied for a sleek, uniform surface. The burled wood surround matches the cream fabrics and coffee table, for a nice balance between warm and cool tones.