a Home Warranty

Home warranty is different from home insurance, but it is recommended you have both. With a home warranty, you can be sure that your appliances and other things in your home are covered in case they break down. Replacing an appliance is expensive which is why it’s best to have a home warranty. There are many details of home warranties you may not be aware of. In fact, many people haven’t even heard of them before. Be sure to learn all you can about a home warranty before signing up for one.

What Is a Home Warranty?

Basically an extended warranty for the appliances in your home. If an appliance breaks, you can be covered and not have to buy a new one. It’s similar to an extended warranty you may purchase in stores when buying electronics. It will cover your appliances in case of disaster by either repairing them or replacing them if they can’t be fixed. Similar to an insurance company, you may have a deductible and a premium. You may also have to pay per service all depending on your plan is there to cover you in case of emergencies.

How Can a Home Warranty Save Money?

Can save you and your family in case of fire, flood damage or even natural disasters. When unexpected things occur, your home can get damaged. Homeowners insurance will cover the structure and property itself, but what about appliances? They can be expensive. That is why a home warranty is important. They can also cover you if an appliance breaks and you can get a new one to replace it. Sometimes they will even send out a repair person for free to try to fix it first. That way you can save time and keep the same appliance.

How to Find a

There are many ways to find and to explore your plan options. Depending on where you live, there may be several companies in the area. Check in with each of them and see their pricing and plan options. If you don’t have one near you, there are several companies that are nationwide. These are usually the big brand name companies. Call them and see their options for your area and you may still be able to be covered, even if you live far away from an urban area. You can also search or contact them online.

Home Warranty Risks

The first one being that your warranty might not cover everything in your home. Some warranties don’t cover heating and cooling systems for example. One of these breaking down is an expensive repair, and it’s even worse if you expect the costs to be covered and find out they won’t be. The second risk is a less-than-reputable company. Many companies pop up every day and if they shut down you may lose your investment. This is why you need to ask questions about your company.